MRI Guided Breast Biopsy

In collaboration with Euromedica General Clinic of Thessaloniki, EVZOIA has developed it’s specialized infrastructure. By doing so, it now can offer the possibility to conduct magnetic resonance imaging guided biopsies. This specific diagnostic operation, until now, used to be provided only by one medical center in Athens.

The usefulness and significance, in the diagnostic and invasive treatment of breast cancer, of a MRI guided biopsy, is widely recognized by specialized physicians and medical organizations.

Most of the lesions traced, with digital and magnetic mammographies, are detected and biopsied with a targeted ultrasound. However, a significant number of lesions is not detected. In this case, the use of a guided biopsy with magnetic tomography is necessary to identify them.

For this reason, the European Breast Imaging Society has issued a relevant guideline. This directive specifies that any medical center conducting a mammography test, should be also able to perform guided magnetic resonance imaging biopsies. Otherwise, it should be in direct cooperation with another center to carry out these procedures.

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