EVZOIA was created with the intention to provide primary heath care services, research and preventive testing.

From the first day of its operation, it adopted and promoted the most modern and innovative medical and scientific diagnostic methods. EVZOIA utilizes the new conventional and online medical communication technologies between doctors, health care providers, patients and the general public.

Until today, it participates in the operation of a network of private infirmaries and diagnostic depictive laboratories.

EVZOIA is composed by a group of specialized doctors and health care professionals. The company people know, want and are able to offer their services in a targeted way, directly and reliably.

Our Philosophy – Model diagnostic care, continuous training

In Evzoia we focus on valid and secure diagnosis and the integrated support in the field of prevention.

  • Our cooperation with leading research organizations and academic institutions, makes us up to date with all the developments in medical research, technology and expertise.
  • With planned and specialized investments, we upgrade and expand our equipment.
  • With continuous training, we improve the skills and capabilities of our service and support.
  • On the basis of the proper organization and the model operation, with tools our specialized staff and modern equipment, we focus on the human and discreet (considerate) treatment of any incident, in parallel to the rapid and timely assistance in the clinical medicine work.
  • The constant cooperation and trust of the colleagues doctors and the general public, reveals the consistency to our initial goals.

Our Commitment – Trust, quality and personal interest

Commitment of EVZOIA is the providing of personalized healthcare of exceptional quality.

Quality of Service means:

  • Reliability: We provide the people who trust us, with what we have promised them. Always with accuracy and stability.
  • Quick response: Eager and timely service, with fast reflexes and flexibility.
  • Inspiration of trust: The knowhow and politeness of our doctors, along with our scientific staff, imparts certainty and guarantees the quality of our services.
  • Personal interest: Special personalised treatment, for each individual who trusts the EVZOIA network.


Evzoia Certification ISO9001:2008

Evzoia Certification ISO 2018

ΕΥΖΩΙΑ ISO 9001:2015 2020-2023